Employee Benefit Adviser: Amazon’s PillPack deal a warning shot for PBMs

Amazon’s PillPack deal is continuing to make waves across the health insurance industry. From former pharmacists questioning the quality of patient care Amazon will deliver to determining what level of importance Atul Gawande will set the prescription drug acquisition as the head of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan & Chase healthcare venture, this has been important news for the American […]

HR Dive: Healthcare world watches as Amazon makes moves

The rapidity with which Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase have entered the healthcare industry is in part a response to frustrations — held by both employers and the general public — about inefficiencies in the U.S. healthcare system, sources previously told HR Dive. “Affordability is the issue,” Shandon Fowler, an analyst and principal of […]

Employee Benefit Adviser: Is the Amazon purchase a bitter pill for brokers? Healthcare experts weigh in

Comments from Shandon Fowler: “It’s a very practical purchase in keeping with Amazon’s laser focus on customer needs. Having personalized prescriptions may lead to both healthier and more cost-effective outcomes for individuals, which is Amazon’s stock and trade. “It also appears to follow a pattern of recent moves showing a strong commitment to all demographic […]

HR Dive: Fail of the Year: Healthcare reform

“It’s incredible to think that with all that was discussed, deliberated and debated with healthcare reform in 2017, virtually nothing changed on the legislative front,” said Shandon Fowler, founder and principal of Four8 Insights. Read full story…

HR Dive: ACA executive order still vague, but could impact employer healthcare plans

The executive order has made for a noisy discussion in healthcare circles, but employers are unlikely to make any changes, given that executive departments still must weight in. As it stands, the expansion of association health plans would supposedly make coverage cheaper for some small businesses, Shandon Fowler, Principal of Four8 Insights, told HR Dive. […]

HR Dive: Employers move on as healthcare reform fails—for now

At any rate, it doesn’t seem reasonable to stress out over the past week’s developments, Fowler said. Of course, vigilance should be taken in the event that serious reform is passed, even if that is short of a full-stop replacement. But there are more important matters. “Follow the horse race — it’s exciting,” Fowler said, […]

Employee Benefit Adviser: 30 benefit thought-leaders to know

Shan Fowler Senior Director of Product Strategy BenefitfocusRead more about Fowler: “How the future of technology is shaping the benefits industry.” Shan Fowler is focused on how technology and artificial intelligence can be used to make the enrollment process simpler and more comprehensive for all parties. He preaches that A.I. should not be seen as […]