Employee Benefit Adviser: Is the Amazon purchase a bitter pill for brokers? Healthcare experts weigh in

Comments from Shandon Fowler:

“It’s a very practical purchase in keeping with Amazon’s laser focus on customer needs. Having personalized prescriptions may lead to both healthier and more cost-effective outcomes for individuals, which is Amazon’s stock and trade.

“It also appears to follow a pattern of recent moves showing a strong commitment to all demographic categories, including the ABC project and also Amazon’s recent move to offer free Prime membership to Medicaid recipients.

“I must give credit where credit is due, Walmart has been making innovative moves in the healthcare for years and it’s been reported that it wasn’t Amazon’s big idea so much as it was their big offer stealing a golden opportunity from the still-king of retail.

“That in itself indicates that the fight among retailers over who owns the consumer is just getting started.”

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