Engagement Models

Four8 Insights provides consultation options that are tailored to suit your needs, whether for single briefings, short-duration projects, or long-term strategic partnership.

As an independent contractor, we will work with you to create an agreement that gives you access to our services, sets reasonable and mutually-beneficial expectations, and enables the best outcomes for engagement. We typically establish an hourly billing rate and use that rate to estimate project costs and/or ongoing strategic consultation.

In most cases, Four8 Insights bills for expenses pertaining to project work for clients, including travel, printing, communication, meals (while traveling), transportation and other reasonable expenses.

Four8 Insights does not provide work on spec or any similar arrangement in which payment is only agreed-to upon acceptance of a completed deliverable.

Ongoing Consultation
Four8 Insights and client establish an hourly billing rate and all work is billed at this hourly rate, under a co-signed engagement agreement. Client may opt for a monthly, quarterly or annual maximum of billable hours.

Retainer Agreement
Our preferred engagement model is a recurring, or retainer, arrangement in which we agree to a minimum and/or maximum number of consultation hours on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This model reduces administration, allowing both parties to focus on the work. An example of this arrangement is agreeing to 10-15 hours of consultation per month at an agreed flat rate based on the hourly billing rate with a minimum billing of 10 hours, with client approval required of when Four8 anticipates exceeding 15 hours.

Project or Content/Deliverable Flat Fee
If set-duration project is planned, Four8 Insights will work with clients to estimate the project duration and, based on the agreed hourly billing rate, will set a flat fee for the work. This rate will be confirmed by an engagement agreement that also provides for reasonable expense reimbursement and stipulations for additional payment in the cases of increased or reevaluated scope.

One-time or fixed-duration industry/strategic briefings are billed at an hourly rate calculated in 15-minute increments.

In some cases, Four8 Insights may provide services to individuals or nonprofit organizations at no charge or for non-monetary renumeration agreed to in advance by both parties.

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