Senate’s Obamacare replacement bill to boost health savings accounts

“These changes are welcomed by employers,” Shandon Fowler, senior director of employer portfolio strategy at benefits administrator Benefitfocus. “Overall, they give employers more flexibility to drive employees to make the best choices for themselves and their families.” Roughly 60 percent of large employers offer an HSA-compatible health plan to workers and half of the employees enrolled […]

HR Dive: Are employers dropping the ball on benefits communication?

Shandon Fowler, senior director of product strategy at Benefitfocus, a technology platform for employers and insurers, says he avoids using the term employee “education” when communicating benefits information. Employees don’t want to learn about benefits; they just want to be assured that they are getting the information they need, says Fowler. He adds that by using technology to […]

Employee Benefit News: Advisers seek a tech solution to financial wellness

Meanwhile, new legislation determining how wellness plans are regulated has sparked a renewed interest in finding a streamlined financial wellbeing platform. Shan Fowler, senior director of employer portfolio and product strategy at Benefitfocus, says legislation such as the Employer Participation in Repayment Act and the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act, will help fuel the creation of a financial […]

HR Dive: Forecasting the ACA compliance storm: Cloudy with a chance of repeal

  • February 27, 2017
  • Press

“The irony of the ACA was to bring a more consumer-centric approach to healthcare,” Fowler said. The industry attempted to help smooth what had been a rocky transition in several ways, including the growth of private insurance exchanges. Though private exchanges didn’t solve core problems outright, Fowler said the technological advances that made them possible […]

Employee Benefit News: Benefit pros predict Trump’s healthcare, retirement moves

Shan Fowler “Strategically, a Trump win may put Paul Ryan and House Republicans in the driver’s seat of healthcare reform. Trump, like Nixon, doesn’t seem overly interested in healthcare reform except as retribution against Obama and Democrats. That perspective, combined with a lack of many details around his health policy, might leave a vacuum of […]

New York Times: Is High-Deductible Health Insurance Worth the Risk?

And there is widespread evidence that people have trouble understanding the subtleties of any plan. Many people liken the process of open enrollment and picking a plan to the pleasures of a root canal, said Shan Fowler, an executive at Benefitfocus. “The understanding of a P.P.O. versus high deductible is not good at all.” The […]

Employee Benefit Adviser: How the future of technology is shaping the benefits industry

According to Shan Fowler, senior director of product strategy at Benefitfocus, automation is not replacing the human touch, but the convenience of technology and mobile accessibility is requiring businesses offer electronic services on top of the face-to-face interactions. “When I think anecdotally, I think about banks and how if I need cash I will go […]

HR Dive: The 2016 benefits trends employers need to know

Shan Fowler, senior director of product strategy at Benefitfocus, noted three trends in particular with benefit technology. Consumer experience and support tools. On the consumer side, these tools are helping drive costs down by helping consumers understand and pick the plans that would fit them best.  “There’s been a lot of focus on understanding the […]

Employee Benefit News: 30 benefit pros to follow on Twitter

  • November 11, 2015
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Shandon Fowler @ShandonFowler Director of Product Management for Benefitfocus. #ACA and #PrivateExchange expert. Author of The Groom’s Instruction Manual. Dork dad. Views are my own. Selected Tweet: Analytics is a means. For them to be successful, you must understand the end you wish to achieve. #HRTechConf Why Fowler uses social media: “Tweeting, retweeting, replying and […]