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Four8 Insights works with a broad array of companies in the HR, benefits and health care landscapes seeking to create, market and communicate innovative products and platforms that improve the lives of their customers and employees.

HR/Benefits strategy, technology and communication consulting for organizations of all sizes. We help you understand industry trends and innovations and make the most of your benefits programs.

HR & Benefits Tech Growth Companies
You have a great idea and have worked hard to find your early adopters. Now you want to take it to the next stage by expanding your customer base and reaching into new product areas and/or markets. We have proven experience in formulating product and product marketing/sales strategies for taking your great idea to the next level.

HR & Benefits Software Companies
You have a platform or platforms targeting the employer benefits and/or individual insurance markets and need insights on product development, technology and communication that will help you achieve your business goals and lead your sector.

Brokers & Consultants
Your value to clients is impacted more and more by your ability to provide them with the services and insights that help them navigate an increasingly complex benefits and HR administration reality. We can help you provide meaningful, actionable insights and communication strategies to your customers on a one-time or ongoing basis.

Health Insurance Companies
Health insurers have seen their business evolve dramatically over the past decade. With health care reform front-and-center as a campaign issue, there’s likely more evolution on the way. We help you keep up with strategic developments in the benefits business overall and identify partnerships, strategies and markets that will increase your business and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Voluntary Insurance, Wellness and Lifestyle Benefits Providers
As personalization becomes a standard benefits strategy, the importance and value of voluntary benefits has increased. At the same time, competition has increased and the sales channels have consolidated. We can help you to understand the options and formulate strategies that will help you determine the right channel strategies and how to assert your value to the various gatekeepers, including brokers, consultants and benefits/HR administrators.

Industry and Financial Analysts
With more than a decade of experience in the benefits technology space and 20-plus years in technology, media and corporate strategy overall, Shandon Fowler can articulate the HR/benefits technology industry quickly and effectively, giving you the insight that you need to make strategic investment decisions with confidence.

Industry Associations and Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit groups and associations in the HR and benefits spaces have a great deal of knowledge about their area(s) of expertise. Four8 Insights helps you think of new ways to apply that knowledge toward your organizational goals and objectives, as well as to connect you with new collaborators and subject-matter experts that will bring benefit to everyone.

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